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UDP/RS485 support
Since March 2017 there will be new FW for Railduino 1.3 available - RS485 serial communication and UDP packets support !!!
New Railduino 2.0 should have
12x relays 5A
8x relays 5A + 4x relays 7A
4x SSR 2A + 4x relays 5A + 4x relays 7A
8x SSR 2A + 4x relays 7A
12x SSR 2A
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UNICA 1-wire sensor module type U1WTL

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UNICA 1-wire sensor module - type U1WTL

- measurement of temperature
- backlight LED - supply 0-10V at terminal A0
- LED colors - blue, red, white

Basic wiring of the module U1WTL in connection with Loxone:

Parameter Value
Other features LED backlighting
Voltage 5V
Current max 1mA
Consumption max 5 mW
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