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New Railduino 2.0 should have
12x relays 5A
8x relays 5A + 4x relays 7A
4x SSR 2A + 4x relays 5A + 4x relays 7A
8x SSR 2A + 4x relays 7A
12x SSR 2A
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Railduino shield - terminal blocks

Product code: RAIL_SHIELD_G
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Shield module for Arduino MEGA 2560

- 12-30V DC power supply
- 24x digital inputs – optically separated, max. input voltage 24V DC
- 12x relay outputs – galvanically separated, max. current 5A at 230V AC per 1 output
- 3x analog inputs – input voltage 0 - 10V against the AC terminal, resolution 1024 bits
- 4x PWM digital outputs – max 25 W / 1 output, max 24V DC, f = 490 Hz
1-wire communication – possibility to connect any 1wire devices - eg DS18B20
- I2C communication – reserved for possibility to connect eg access systems, RTC, contact indicator etc.
RS485 communication  – possibility of serial communication with a master systems (e.g. Loxone Modbus extension, other Arduino module...)
- Status LED diode – indication of operation
Reset button – restart of the module
- Switch DIP – for the address setup of the Modbus protocol – up to16 addresses
- Terminator – RS485 bus termination jumper
- Terminal blocks - also with counterparts

Inputs/outputs Arduino Mega Railduino shieldModbus map 
NametagHW pinport pinHW pinNameRegistr.Bit
dig. inputDI36PC11DI1_VAL1.0
dig. inputDI34PC32DI2_VAL1.1
dig. inputDI48PL13DI3_VAL1.2
dig. inputDI46PL34DI4_VAL1.3
dig. inputDI69PK75DI5_VAL1.4
dig. inputDI68PK66DI6_VAL1.5
dig. inputDI67PK57DI7_VAL1.6
dig. inputDI66PK48DI8_VAL1.7
dig. inputDI44PL59DI9_VAL2.0
dig. inputDI42PL710DI10_VAL2.1
dig. inputDI40PG111DI11_VAL2.2
dig. inputDI38PD712DI12_VAL2.3
dig. inputDI7PH413DI13_VAL2.4
dig. inputDI6PH314DI14_VAL2.5
dig. inputDI5PE315DI15_VAL2.6
dig. inputDI24PG516DI16_VAL2.7
dig. inputDI3PE517DI17_VAL3.0
dig. inputDI2PE418DI18_VAL3.1
dig. inputDI14PJ119DI19_VAL3.2
dig. inputDI15PJ020DI20_VAL3.3
dig. inputDI16PH121DI21_VAL3.4
dig. inputDI17PH022DI22_VAL3.5
dig. inputDI28PA623DI23_VAL3.6
dig. inputDI30PC724DI24_VAL3.7
relay outputDO39PG21DO1_VAL5
relay outputDO41PG02DO2_VAL6
relay outputDO43PL63DO3_VAL7
relay outputDO45PL44DO4_VAL8
relay outputDO47PL25DO5_VAL9
relay outputDO49PL06DO6_VAL10
relay outputDO23PA17DO7_VAL11
relay outputDO25PA38DO8_VAL12
relay outputDO27PA59DO9_VAL13
relay outputDO29PA710DO10_VAL14
relay outputDO31PC611DO11_VAL15
relay outputDO33PC412DO12_VAL16
analog inputAI58PF4A1AI1_VAL17
analog inputAI59PF5A2AI2_VAL18
analog inputAI62PK0A3AI3_VAL19
PWM outputAO22PB4GAO1_VAL20
PWM outputAO11PB5WAO2_VAL21
PWM outputAO12PB6RAO3_VAL22
PWM outputAO13PB7BAO4_VAL23

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