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Since 2019 Railduino 2.0 module supports modbus TCP protocol
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1. "What kind of connection to use with Loxone system?"

It depends what are you expecting: LAN connection is fast (delay in terms of microseconds) with immediate responses, but there is need some workaround in LAN safety settings (subnets, VLANs etc..). RS485 is slower (delay in terms of miliseconds), but is simple, safe and reliable.

2. "Is it possible to connect more then one Railduino to the same bus?"

Yes, every modul has its own address which is set using the DIP switch settings. It is possible to connect up to 15 modules operating at the same bus LAN or RS485.

3. "How is the Railduino programmed with in Loxone Config? Does thy system detect inputs and outputs?"

It is neccessary to insert the virtual inputs and outputs into the Loxone program and make the correct settings (in case of LAN connection). More details are in the Loxone example file which can be downloaded in the download section.

4. "Digital inputs are not working well, I have to push the switch two times, what is the problem?"

There is bad settings in the virtual input command settings - Use as digital input must be UNchecked!
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