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New Railduino 2.0 should have
12x relays 5A
8x relays 5A + 4x relays 7A
4x SSR 2A + 4x relays 5A + 4x relays 7A
8x SSR 2A + 4x relays 7A
12x SSR 2A
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Connection to Loxone



Since March 2017 there will be new FW for Railduino 1.3 available - plain RS485 and UDP packets support !!!

It is possible to connect Railduino Module to the Loxone system in two ways – with help of RS485 bus (plain 485 protocl or Modbus RTU), or via computer LAN network (this option is complementary and must be ordered additionally). Subsequently the Loxone miniserver program must be adjusted. This procedure is described in the following sections.

What type of Loxone connection to choose – RS485 or LAN ?

If the connection to Loxone via RS485 is available, then it is preferable to choose this option. The connection is more reliable than when connected via LAN. In cases when there is only connection via LAN network available – e.g. a great distance from the Loxone miniserver, it is possible to choose this variant of connection.

In case of serial communication the ​Railduino module must be connected to the miniserver Loxone via RS485 extension (plain 485 protocol) or Modbus extension . Simply interconnect the communication interfaces of the extension – the terminals A and B with the terminals of the module Railduino A + and B-, see the image down below.

Connection via bus RS485 – (485 or Modbus RTU)
In case of LAN communication the Railduino module can be connected to the Loxone miniserver also directly using LAN communication network (UDP packets or Modbus TCP protocol). Simply connect the module Railduino to LAN network (switch, router, etc.) with a communication cable.
Connection via LAN – UDP packets or Modbus TCP
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