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Since 2019 Railduino 2.0 module supports modbus TCP protocol
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Settings and use

The following information only applies to Loxone system!

Setting the values in the device properties (DS2438):

1. VAD voltage
1.1 Use of VAD input for measuring humidity: 

1.   approximate measuring of relative humidity (in % RH). It is recommended to input these parameters into the properties:
  • Input value 1 = 0,7
  • Input value 2 = 3,8
  • Displayed value 1 = 0
  • Displayed value 2 = 100

2.   accurate measuring of relative humidity (in % RH) - it is necessary to leave the standard values for VAD and supplement the miniserver's program with the bloc Vzorec, in which the conversion of relative humidity will take place depending on the temperature and supply voltage. The following connection is performed in the program and this relation is put in the bloc Vzorec:
(I2 - 0,16 * I1) / (I1 * (0,00654 - (0,00001302 * I3)))


 1.2 Use of VAD input to read 0-5V analog signal

This version is only possible with the U1WTA module. A 0-5V analog signal can be brought to an A0 clamp against a GND clamp. In that case there is no need to change the parameters in the Loxone Config.


2. VSens voltage

2.1 Use of Vsense input for measuring lighting intensity:

It is recommended to change the parameters (for cca 0-100% light):
  • Input value 1 = 0
  • Input value 2 = 0,250
  • Displayed value 1 = 0
  • Displayed value 2 = 100

2.1 Use of Vsense input for reading digital input:

A potential free contact is connected to an A0 clamp and a +5V clamp

Example of use: Scanning window contact - opening / closing of a window or a door in a room.

  • use of potential free contact
  • short distances - max. 20m (within one room)
  • delay of information recording - dependent on the 1-wire extension inquiry interval
  • only applicable to some versions of 1-wire modules

  • no need to install a cable from a window / door to the Loxone miniserver
  • saving 1 digital input in the Loxone miniserver

3. Temperature sensor

Displays detected temperature in exact values (°C) – no need to change the parameters.
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