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Since 2019 Railduino 2.0 module supports modbus TCP protocol
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About the Railduino module


Railduino module is a device working in connection with superior control system (e.g. Loxone) as so called distributed inputs / outputs. With this connection the control system is able to control external devices (e.g. lights, pumps etc.) using outputs or sense the values at the inputs of the module (e.g. buttons, contacts etc.). 

Module is equipped with both digital and analog inputs. There are also relay, digital and analog outputs - see the table below. Module can handle 1-wire devices 
(Maxim/Dallas) as are favourite temperature sensors DS18B20 or DS2438 (Unica 1wire sens. module)

Inputs/outputs can be read/controlled by communication bus RS485 or by LAN within computer network. Both types of connections communicate using UDP protocol (User defined protocol). There can be connected up to 15 Railduino modules within the same network/bus.

Features and functions:

24x digital inputs - optically separated, max. input voltage 24V DC
12x relay outputs - galvanically separated, max. input current 7A/4A at 230V AC for 1 output, in case of SSR relays 2A for one channel at 25°C
4x digital outputs High side switch - load current max 2A for 1 output, max 24V DC
4x digital outputs Low side switch - load current max 2A for 1 output, max 24V DC
2x analog inputs - input voltage 0 - 10V, resolution 1024 bitů
2x analog outputs - output voltage 0 - 10V 
1-wire bus - max. 10 pcs of sensors Dallas DS18B20, DS2438 (Unica 1wire sensor. modules)
RS485 bus - serial communication with superior control systems
USB - for reprogramming of the Arduino module
LAN - communication with computer network (only the module with this option!)
- status LEDs - indication and status of the module
DIP switch - module address settings, other function


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