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SED tronic
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Railduino 2.0 module with SSR relays? Sure thing from October 2018 !
Since 2019 there will be new option for Railduino 2.0 module - WiFi connection !
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Payment options

Bank transfer :

If you choose this method of payment, there are 3 ways to transfer the money into our account:

1. bank transfer from your account (internetbanking, GSM banking)

2. deposit the money in cash directly into our account at any branch office of our bank

3. sending type A money order at any branch office of the Czech post in the Czech republic

Bank details :

account number: 670100-2212539795/6210

After receiving an order from abroad, the international bank account number (IBAN) is sent to a customer via e-mail together with the postal fee according to the valid tariffs of the Czech post. The variable symbol is identical to your order ID (which you will receive in the confirmation e-mail). The ordered products will be ready and shipped immediately after the payment is credited to our account.

Cash on delivery :

The customer pays for the goods in cash to the carrier upon delivery. In case of shipping outside of the Czech republic, payment in advance is always required.

In cash at our office :

In this case you collect the goods personally and pay in cash at our office.

Registration is not necessary in our store. You can make a purchase even without registering.